What it takes to win the Premier League

by Adam - August 18th, 2009. Filed under: Premier League.

This article is just going to look at some key stats from the champions of the Premier League over the past couple of seasons.

2008/2009 Manchester United – 90pts

Win Percentage: 74%

Goals Scored: 68

Clean Sheets: 24

2007/2008 Manchester United 87pts

Win Percentage: 70%

Goals Scored:  80

Clean Sheets: 21

2006/2007 Manchester United 89pts

Win Percentage: 74%

Goals Scored:  83

Clean Sheets: 20

2005/2006 Chelsea 91pts

Win Percentage: 76%

Goals Scored:  72

Clean Sheets: 21

2004/2005 Chelsea 95pts

Win Percentage: 76%

Goals Scored:  72

Clean Sheets: 25

Over the past five years these are the averages the title winning sides got for the stats above:

Win Percentage: 74%

Goals Scored: 75

Clean Sheets: 22

Not only does it require things like that but also a bit of luck with decisions and injuries.

A strong squad is very handy as then you can always change things up if something is not going your way and also will help to cope with injuries and suspensions.

Things like that make me think that Man United and Chelsea are going to be the ones battling it out for the title. Although Liverpool’s starting 11 is very strong they do not have the strength to back it up.

For example, Man United’s midfield:

Valencia, Carrick, Anderson, Nani then on the bench possibly Scholes, Park, Hargreaves (if he ever gets fit :P ) Giggs, Fletcher.

Liverpool just don’t have that, after their first 11 there isn’t much left and so I feel for them to win the league they will need to be very lucky with injuries.

Chelsea also will have to rely on their squad, especially in January when it is the Africian cup of nations. Essien, Drogba, Kalou, Mikel all go for January to play for the national teams.

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